Bricks and Stones

Bricks and Stones


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This quilt was made with the following Accuquilt GO dies: 3.5×6.5 rectangle, the 5 inch circle, the chisel, and the 3.5 inch half square triangle .

I designed the quilt in the Touch Draw app on my iPad when I was traveling. I don’t have any fabric estimates because it’s a scrappy quilt that I intended to use a large fat quarter pack to make. In the end, I had more fabric than needed so I added an extra row to the width and length. Since my goal in quilting is to work with what I have, I frequently design this way and fit the size of the quilt to the fabrics I have. When working scrappy from stash there are no limits but when working with a set of coordinated fat quarters like this, I start making blocks and see how far I can go with it.

So here’s the original design – a simple rail fence with a chisel border and some circles added for fun.

The orginal quilt is set 8 x 10 blocks ( including the border blocks) and is 48×60

Blocks are 6 inches finished ( 6.5 with seam allowances)

My final quilt size after adding a row to the width and length making it 9 x 11 blocks (including the border blocks) was 54 x 66 inches.


For the rail fence blocks. two rectangles are cut 3.5 x 6.5 and are pieced together to create a two rail block that is 6.5 inches square with seam allowances. These are then set with one block oriented vertically and one horizontally alternated throughout the quilt. (see drawing above)

The circles are placed randomly and I fused mine and then machine stitched them down with a narrow zigzag with matching thread.

I used the chisel and 3.5 inch half square triangle dies for my border but you can also piece them with the following methods. The top drawing shows how I pieced them.

The second option uses a 3.5 inch half square triangle with a 3.5 inch square and the 3rd option uses the method of sewing a square on the corner of a rectangle. The square should be 3.5 inches and the rectangle 3.5 x 6.5 inches.

Once all the blocks were made and the circles were appliqued, it’s time to assemble. For the Rail Fence blocks I pressed the blocks to side without the seam but when it came time to sew the borders on, there were additional seams to be considered. I assemble my quilts in quadrants as shown below and sewed the borders to each section.

Because I like my seams to nestle nicely, I sewed the border sections together without pressing.

And still without pressing with the iron, pinned and finger pressed into place on the appropriate section of the quilt.

I sewed this seam, and then took it to the ironing board. I’m now able to press all the seams in the direction I sewed them and I do this first before pressing the seam I just sewed.

Finally I press the seam between the quilt and the border blocks and my back is nice and neat which means the front of my quilt is going to lay nice and flat. If you look closely at the photo below, you can also see that I alternated the direction I pressed my seams in the chisel blocks so they would nestle nicely too. Half are pressed down toward the dark fabric and half are pressed up toward the light triangle fabric.


(C) Mary Johnson 2013 —

5 thoughts on “Bricks and Stones”

  1. I had not seen this one, Mary. At least I don’t remember it. LOL I like this and I’m sharing it with one of my Facebook quilting groups if you don’t mind. We have a lot of new quilters that may like this pattern.

  2. I really like this one. I especially like the look of the border. I have a chisel die that I haven’t used yet. Looks like I will now. Thanks for a great quilt.

  3. How will you quilt this quilt? I am getting better with my long arm machine but am never sure how to quilt it.

  4. Mary, thanks for the instructions! I’m guessing you cut the circles at about 5″? This is really cute, and looks like it was fun to put together. I especially like the way you put on the border.

  5. I like this one, Mary. It is on my list, for sure. With all the great nephews lately, someone will love this quilt…….and soon, too.

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