RWB Coins

One of our HeartStrings Projects was making RWB Chinese Coins. Once you make the coins sections you can use any of the Chinese Coins Instruction Sheets listed on the sidebar. Of course, your coins don’t have to be all RWB as shown in the photos below.

I’m going to use sections that are 5.5 inch wide so I’m starting with strings that are between 6 and 7 inches.


First, I sew my strings into pairs.


And then those pairs are sewn together. These sections now have 4 strings each.


Sew those sections into one piece. I tend to keep the sections no longer than the length of the ruler I’m going to use to square them up.


At this point I press my seam allowances up. You can see as I pieced these, I kept one edge fairly straight.


Now I square the strips to 5.5 inches. I trim the uneven side first, and then flip the block around and trim the section to 5.5 inches wide.  I don’t care how long the sections are but I do make sure I square along the top and bottom edges too.


Here’s a section ready to be joined with another to create your row of coins.


5 thoughts on “RWB Coins”

  1. What a lovely find on a Sunday morning – thanks so much for sharing your talent.

    Terri/North Dakota

  2. My daughter just found your site and shared it with me. Its awsome. Will share it with our guild. Also the local charity ladies. So easy and so pretty use of left over scraps. So beginner friendly. So forgiving for group sewing. Just love what you are doing. Helen

  3. This is awesome for me. I am starting my first project with this one with just easy to follow directons and illustrations.

    Thanks for Sharing!

  4. this is great. I have been doing these strips from scraps from 5″ pieces. then making them into half sq triangles. these would be great for comfort quilts for our wounded soldiers our guild makes. thanks,

  5. Soooooooo inspirational to a new quilter! Thank you for sharing. If you can do it, so can I!!

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