Dutch Windmill

Quilt size is 48 x 64

Block size is 16 inches finished (16.5 with seam allowances)

Quilt notes:

  1. I’m cutting my quilt using the 4 inch finished GO die from Accuquilt and am using 12 fat quarters – one for each block but it does not take the entire fat quarter.
  2. I started with 2 yards of my background fabric and have just 6 inches x width of fabric left. I typically like to have a little more fabric when I’m die cutting a quilt.


  1. Each block uses (16) 4 inch finished half square triangles. You can make your HST’s using whatever method you choose. I used my Accuquilt GO to cut mine and I pressed the seams OPEN as these will be twisted and turned within the block. 
  2. Blocks can be assembled in 4 identical sections and then sewn together.
  3. I will share my pressing plan for the blocks but press however you prefer.

Make (4) sections for each block using a total of 16 half square triangles.

Sew the sections together and press as shown below.

Sew your two halfs together and I pick out a couple stitches and twirl the center so half the seam goes us and half goes down.

Arrange your 4 sections and assemble your block. Press the top section to the left and the bottom to the right.

Press the final seam up and flip every other block upside down so your seams will nestle when sewing the blocks together.

Lay out 3 blocks across and 4 blocks down as shown in the quilt drawing at the top of the page. I press seams in my odd number rows to the left and in the even number rows, I press to the right.

My finished top

To change the size of the quilt you can add borders to make it larger, or add more blocks. You can also use a 3 inch finished half square triangle if you prefer smaller blocks – it will make a 12 inch finished block – but you’ll have to add borders or more blocks.

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