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Easy Double 4 Patch

Click here to download Easy Double 4 patch (PDF file)

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simple double 4 patch

12 comments on “Easy Double 4 Patch

  1. Roxanne on said:

    I would like to know what size this quilt is? And how much fabric do I need?
    Including the border.

  2. Ellen on said:

    I love your quilt. Could you please tell me how much material for a
    twin and queen quilt. Thank you

  3. could you tell me how much material to buy for this beautiful quilt? I am making it for a 35th anniversary and am using soft fern green and ecru muslin.

  4. Linda Bourgeois on said:

    I am a very scrappy quilter. I love this pattern because it will use
    up some of my stash and you can see the pattern in just one look.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Terri on said:

    This pattern looks awesome and easy to make, could you please tell me how much material I would need to make a Queen size quilt? Thank you so much :)

  6. Mary on said:

    How much material I will need to make this 4 patch quilt. I am going to make this quilt for a very dear friend. Thanks Mary

  7. Carolyn on said:

    Lovely pattern. How much will I need for a Queen size quilt. Thank you.

  8. Ruthann on said:

    How much fabric will I need to make a queen size quilt. Idid not see your answer to the other persons question

  9. Simple is a bliss. I want to make a simple quilt for my mother. How much material would I need for a queen size? Measurements confuse me…

  10. Faye on said:

    The double 4 patch is beautiful. could you tell me how much material I will need? Thank you so much Faye

  11. Crafty Grama on said:

    I love this Easy Double Four Patch. I have made a few quilts using this pattern and everyone of them looks different.

  12. sherrill on said:

    Thank you for the picture of the double 4 patch,I hope to use this in the future.Simple is good

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