You may print and use these quilt instructions to make quilts for yourself, for donation, or for sale. The instructions cannot be printed and sold.

You may link to any of the pages with the instruction sheets but you cannot copy or post the PDF files on any website.

Instruction Sheets


Here’s an easy quilt to piece using Quarter Square Triangles. I used my Accuquilt Go to make my blocks but you can make them from squares too.

Quilt size is 40 x 56

Block size is 8 inches finished

Hourglass quilt

Quarter Square Triangles are 4 inches finished so if you’re making them from squares – you’ll start with a square that is 5 and 1/4 inches. If you don’t know how to make the block, here’s a good tutorial.

Make (140) 4 inch finished hourglass blocks (4.5 with seam allowances)

Sew (4) hourglass blocks together rotating the blocks as shown below. Make 35 blocks.

Hourglass block

Then assemble blocks into rows – sew 5 blocks in each row and sew the rows together, you will have 7 rows of blocks.

Here’s my finished top. I am not adding a border to my quilt but you could use a 4 inch border if desired.


I made larger quilt several years ago using the same 4 inch finished Hourglass blocks.