RWB HeartStrings Block

Beginning in 2009, HeartStrings will collect RWB blocks made according to these guidelines to make Quilts of Valor.

Starting with a 10 inch muslin foundation (other 100% cotton fabric can be used as long as it does not shadow through the strings).

Place a 2 inch blue center string right side up on the foundation.

RWB HeartStrings tutorial

Add a red, white (can be white, cream, beige, tan), or blue string – right side down . Pinning is NOT necessary but if it helps you get the first strips sewn you can use two pins to hold them in place.

RWB HeartStrings tutorial-1

Sew strings and press open.

RWB HeartStrings tutorial-2

Continue adding strings one either side until the foundation is covered. At this point, I add a string on each side of the center and then press before adding additional strings.

RWB HeartStrings tutorial-3

Try to avoid using very small pieces on the corners as they’ll get trimmed away when the block is squared.

RWB HeartStrings tutorial-4

Trim block to 9.5 inches. For instructions on squaring HeartStrings blocks click here.

RWB HeartStrings tutorial-5

13 thoughts on “RWB HeartStrings Block”

  1. I wish to donate blocks for making these wonderful quilts of valor. Need the mailing address asap. Thanks

    Lucinda young

  2. We are a small group of enthuisastic womaen whom have been making and finsihing quilts for several years. Our quilts have been going to the relif drive for the Lutheran foundation. We arent ever sure where these quilts have gone, we are interested in sending finsihed quilts (tied) to quilts of valor. Our quilts, are not alwys red, white and blue. They are a mix of many colors and designs How can our quilts become a part of the project? We would like to help the Wisconsinites, veteran, injured, and hospitalized. vets. Thanks. We will need more info to proceed with the donatiions. We generally, finish 75 to 100 quilts in our season of quilting. (jan through May) Thanks for your site. dee

  3. I LOVE this site. I have a charity group making quilts for our wounded troops. I personally drive them to DC.
    This year, we made 252 quilts which I will be delivering to Bethesda Naval Hospital.
    As I write this comment, I have four big boxes on their way to Germany for our wounded.
    These quilts are easy to understand and striking to look at! Can’t thank you enough for putting these patterns up.
    If you would like to see what we do, go to You Tube. Type in MiracleQuiltsShow 06/11/2011.

    This project is dedicated to the service and sacrifice of PFC Joseph Miracle who gave his life in Afghanistan after being there only 35 days. We will never forget him and those like him who sacrifice it all for our freedom.

  4. Are you still making the Quilts of Valor for our wounded soldiers? I would like to make some blocks and send them to you if it is not too late. After I complete them, where should I send them? This is a wonderful project and I would love to become involved. Please respond to my e-mail address. I have all of the fabric and am ready to get started!

  5. My son is home after tours of Iraq as chief Trauma Flight Medic and he’s second tour, again Iraq where was given his own unit and a promotion and, along with his man, where they went, he made sure he meant.. during this last tour he received two bronze stars for bravery under fire and valor under fire in saving a very small child that had been shot because the insurgants knew this was the best way to pull the American Medics in. During this save, he also gave serious aid to another Iraq good guy soldier and then with the help of his crew, drug adnd carried them to safety. I love this pattern. I plan on trying to pay attention to it as I would dearly love to make this for my son. Wisg me luck. My boy deserves the recognition of what he has done from his mommy. LOL, my baby boy was almost 38 when he went over for his tour and celebrated his Leap year birthday. Well, I must try to salvage what I can from this patterbns as I can see it closely. Much thanks for a wonderful quilt,

  6. Hi! I’m new to this, but I want to be involved. I understand about making the actual block. What do I do next? (How should I package them? Where should I send them? Would I be able to know what military unit, hospital, or organization would be receiving them?)

    Thanks —
    Cyndy Goodson

  7. That is so cool. I love quilting and learning new things. I will share this with my bee and guild.

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