5 Stars

Another quick “Big Block” quilt. While I usually make scrappy quilts this one might look better as a two or three fabric quilt as shown below.

Quilt size is approximately 56 x 72

Squares are cut 6.5 inches

I used my Accuquilt GO 6 inch finished triangle die but use whatever method that you prefer to make 6 inch half square triangles (6.5 inch with seam allowances)

Estimated fabric requirements from EQ7. These are untested and here just as a guideline for you. I’d suggest having some extra on hand — for me that’s about a half yard extra!

For the two color quilt

Background – 2 yards

Brown – 3 and 1/4 yards – includes binding

For the three color quilt

Background – 2 yards

Red – 5/8 of a yard

Blue – 2 and 3/4 yards – includes binding

Arrange the squares and and half square triangles as show below.

Borders 1 and 2 are only on the top and bottom of the quilt, border 3 is on all sides.

1) Cut and sew a 2.5 inch border to the top and bottom of the quilt

2) Add the 6 inch border of half square triangles to the top and bottom of the quilt

3) Cut and sew a 4.5 inch border to the sides of the quilt and then the top and bottom of the quilt.

1-brown 5 stars


This was supposed to be a Red/White/Blue version but it looks more purple than blue on my monitor – you get the idea!

1-RWB 5 star


© Mary Johnson 2013 – MaryQuilts.com

See Katy’s QOV version of this quilt on her blog.

11 thoughts on “5 Stars”

  1. I made the red, white and blue version for a Quilt of Valor. To make it a bit larger to be sure to meet the size requirements I made the blue border a bit bigger and added a small inner red border. I used more red for the binding. I love how it turned out. Thank you for posting this beautiful pattern.

  2. Your tutorials are very easy to understand. Thanks for writing in “my” style.

    I’ll be back after just finding your blog.

  3. It’ me again – is there any chance of a PDF coming for this quilt? I can’t get it to print and I want it for our guild’s QOV workshop.

  4. Love your 5 stars quilt! I’m going to make one for our QOV chapter in Chapel Hill, NC. Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

  5. Love ,love, your “Stars of Valor” quilt!! I have to make this for the “Valor” club I’m in. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the good work!!

  6. Sorry, I don’t resize the quilts… I provide instructions for the quilts I make or those I intend to make. I can’t resize them to fit everyone’s needs.

  7. Mary, I am having trouble printing a copy of your 5 Stars quilt pattern. Can you please send me a pdf?
    Thank you,


  8. I like both quilts. Nice work to you both.I will make this for my Grandson , he has been in the Army 9 years this coming spring.Vera.

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