Patriotic Rail Fence

Click here to download Patriotic Rail Fence (PDF file)

AccuQuilt GO: You can use the 3.5 inch half square triangle die, and the 3 and 6 inch finished squares die for the Sawtooth Stars.

Rotary Cutting for Sawtooth Star

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Here’s a view of the full top.

Here’s my latest top. I changed the row of stars to Ohio Stars and made it scrappier.


Here’s my EQ drawing for the 12 inch Ohio Stars. I used the GO Baby and the 8 inch Qube to make my stars – it takes the 4 inch finished quarter squre triangle and 4 inch finished square dies.

Quarter Square triangle (QST) – (cuts 4 at a time)

  • Cut 32 white QSTs
  • Cut 28 red QST
  • Cut 20 blue

Squares – 4 inch finished

  • Cut 12 blue
  • Cut 11 white
  • Cut 2 red squares

Ohio Star border

I’d made a different version of this quilt in 2001 and I found a photo of my top online at an old site I hadn’t visited in years.


Here’s one Susan in KS made (click to see a full view – she modified the stars)

13 thoughts on “Patriotic Rail Fence”

  1. This is a question. I have made one of your patriotic quilts for a local vet and would like to do another. I have forgotten the fabric amounts. Does 3/4 yards of different fabrics mean two 3/4ths of a yard in two colors or a total of 3/4th in two colors. thanks – Phyllis

  2. I really like the various quilt stars too.
    So pretty. I will think about using the different stars in my QOV

  3. Thank you so much for this pattern. I’m looking for every patriotic design I can find and this one is beautiful.

  4. We have a group of ladies that makes quilts for VA patients at our local VA hospital, Alzheimer’s patiets and the elderly. We distribute them normally around the holidays (although that will probably change to more frequently). This year we have 122 quilts to distribute or that have been distributed, and we are glad to locate your website. There are many quilts that will be appropriate for our needs. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for giving us the ability to make these quilts for distribution without your approval. That makes everything so much easier because of the copyright laws. Oma Carlisi

  5. As an American living in Canada, this is a must quilt to make. It will go to my daughter who lives in Massachusetts. You live much farther north than we do!!! Thanks for the great pattern.

  6. This was my second quilt that I made. It turned out beautiful. I made it to be given away and was very sorry to say good-bye to it. The directions were great and they were not to hard to follow. I’ll have to make another!

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