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Instruction Sheets

Sashed 9 patches

Quilt size as designed = 67 x 83
Block size is 13 inches (13.5 with seam allowances)


I chose to make my quilt smaller than the original design. My blocks are set 3 x 4.
My quilt size is approximately 51 x 67


9 patch blocks are strip pieced from 2.5 inch strips. I use short strip sets for variety

Skinny sashing is cut 1.5 x 6.5 inches; cornerstones are cut 1.5 inches square

Wider blue sashing is cut 3.5 x 13.5 inches and the 9 patch cornerstones are pieced from the 1.5 inch strips.

Blue border is cut 3.5 inches

I assemble my blocks as follows:
Sew a sashing strip to the bottom of two nine patches, sew a cornerstone to a sashing strip. Press all 3 toward the sashing.

Sew the top two blocks to the sashing with the cornerstone and the bottom two blocks to another sashing strip. Press the top seams toward the sashing and the bottom toward the blocks

Sew the remaining two pieces together and press toward the sashing


Add blue sashing and final border, I like to sew my sashing to my blocks rather than sewing long skinny rows.


Using this method, the last block in the row will only have a bottom sashing and the last row of blocks will only have side sashing … The last block in the quilt will have no sashing as demonstrated below.


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3 Responses to “Sashed 9 patches”

  • Shyamala Devi:

    So pretty and impressive. Finally I know what to do with my bundle of small scraps. Thanks Mary.

  • julierose:

    I love both nine patches and crosses in quilts. This is a great pattern.

  • Susan:

    Nice design Mary! I like the different colored skinny sashings between the nice patch blocks. I think I’ll make this one for my couch…