You may print and use these quilt instructions to make quilts for yourself, for donation, or for sale. The instructions cannot be printed and sold.

You may link to any of the pages with the instruction sheets but you cannot copy or post the PDF files on any website.

Instruction Sheets


There are a variety of string quilt patterns on this site. To view, click any any of the links under the Strings category on the left.

3 Responses to “Strings”

  • Pat Hubbard:

    Thank you for all the patterns. I have a EQ7 and have not tried it yet because I wanted to use my Go to cut them out. This is cool thanks for doing all the work and sharing.

  • I am in awe of all of the quilting patterns on your website…thank you so much..I really want to make a string quilt…what widths of strips do you use…
    thank you,

  • I found your site through Victoriana and I am really impressed. I love the GO friendly patterns.