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String Tumblers

Click here to download String Tumblers (PDF file)

Tumbler template — please check the size of your tumbler after printing — you do NOT want your printer to scale — print at 100%.

If you have problems opening the above link, right click on it and save it to your computer and then open it. Email me with any questions or problems at


Here’s a full view of the top


7 comments on “String Tumblers

  1. Very pretty quilt.

  2. anne vosburg on said:

    quite excited to make this tumbler quilt to use up smaller strings

  3. Susan g on said:

    I LOVE this! I’ll be burning up my GO with string tumbles. Thanks so much.

  4. Una Ronge on said:

    What can I say Exquisite

  5. Janine Ward on said:

    i can’t believe i missed this one before. It’s fab. definately going to have a go at this.I love string quilts they are quick, colourful and very satisfying to make because you never know quite how they are going to turn out.

  6. Joyce Shuman on said:

    I love the pattern and the beautiful colors.

  7. Gloria Beucler on said:

    I have boxes of strings and finished blocks. You have inspired me to make more string quilts! I never would have thought of doing a tumbler quilt!
    So very creative.

    I love your quilts! Are you Bonnie Hunter’s twin sister???

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