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Twisted Happy Blocks

Click here to download Twisted Happy Blocks (PDF file)

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Susan's Quilt

Susan's Quilt

8 comments on “Twisted Happy Blocks

  1. Thank you so much for pattern ideas. We are starting a comfort quilt project and was looking for EASY pattern for beginners who are volunteering to help us. The strips should fit the need. Thank you for your wonderful directions and inspirations!

  2. Sara Medd on said:

    Thank you, Mary, for such well-designed diagrams for classic quilts. I assemble and cut kits for the local guild’s comfort quilt effort. I appreciate knowing I can use your instructions sometimes instead of always writing my own. Thanks for your effort!

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  4. Kimberly Tracy on said:

    I am all new to this quilting thing…trying to teach myself…needless to say, its going slow, I am currently cutting out the pattern, I think I can do it and put it all together. The thing I’m most unsure of is how to get the sewn designs on the quilt after it is finished. Any suggestions, or any info or websites to go to could be most helpful to me. THANKS!!

  5. Margie Wallin on said:

    I have had a lovely time making a couple of cot quilts using this pattern – thank you so much for this and for your other patterns!!

    Mary, I thought that it would be fun to treat this quilt as the ‘twisted image’ and add a black border – using the same technique.

    However, my maths are atrocious. Would there be an easy way to calculate how to ‘scale’ up the 3.5″X10″ rectangles, to suit a quilt of 39″X47″ or a square version of 39″X39″ ??

  6. Dianne Kuhns on said:

    I have made several Project Linus quilts using this block, and they are so cute and go together really fast. I have all the ladies at our Friday sewing group doing them, you should see the variations they are coming up with. I did a four patch using 2″ blocks for my center, then used a 6″ block for the frame….slow going, but so pretty…I love scraps!

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  8. WellDunn Designs on said:

    THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOO cute! Thank you! I am going to try and make it for Christmas for our grandson…I believe even a clothing person could do this, thanks to instructions…lol. The pattern lends itself to so many options from a scrap pile, too, for a teenager’s lap quilt..purple and pink, or aqua/yellow/greens…darling.

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